Kevin Farr, M.D.

Kevin is a young and dynamic property investment professional who always has his client’s best interest in mind. He has a hands on approach to property investments and a deep understanding of the industry making him a reliable partner for those looking to invest in property.

His vision is to build a strong and prosperous community through collaborations and he lives and breaths helping his client’s build wealth that enables them live the life they deserve.

Being a people oriented person, Kevin has created a people first approach to business. Communication, honesty and mutual respect are important to him and that shows in the way he treats his clients and team. Effective communication guarantees that all essential areas are covered properly and everyone is on the same page.

Paul Barry, SSAS Pension Consultant

Paul helps business owners to get the best benefits of their SSAS pension program. With his long track record in the field he guides his clients and ensures they implement their tailored SSAS strategy effectively to ensure best benefits. You can rest assured that Paul has the best SSAS strategy for you ensuring that you get the best benefits out of your own program.

Steve Hand, Mortgage Broker

With decades of experience in mortgages, Steve and his team assists clients from first time home buyers to experienced property investors with any size project. As experienced landlord and a professional with extensive knowledge in property, Steve and his team are always able to find the best solutions for client’s needs.

For Steve superior customer service along with transparency and quality are vital for him. He always looks after his client’s best interest at all times. Steve is here to assist you with everything mortgage related to ensure you don’t get any surprises.

Accountant and tax advisor

Our account and and tax advisor has over 2 decades of experience in his field and through his experience he assists his clients to avoid any unnecessary expenses when investing in property. He is committed in providing the best service with highest industry standards. With his vast knowledge he helps you to save money by paying only the required amount of tax.

Ashley Myhill, Marketing Manager

Ashley has vast experience in multichannel digital marketing and he specialises in property. With his experience across multiple sectors, Ashley has developed a good eye for different marketing strategies enabling his clients to have a head start to others.

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